5 tell-tale signs it’s time to rebrand

Imagine wearing the same clothes that you wore 20 years ago. Go on, cast your mind back, give it a try.

Aside from probably not fitting into any of my wardrobe from back then, I certainly wouldn’t feel quite right wearing a Foo Fighters t-shirt and bell-bottom jeans to a client meeting these days (although I’m sure it would raise a smile or two from some of my clients).

You see, when I look back over the last 20 years, I’ve changed. I’ve started my own business, travelled, grown a family, and forged new friendships. I’ve grown, I’ve studied, I’ve learned. So, it goes without saying that my dress code and the way I want to look has changed too. Some might say this is normal, a natural part of growing up.


In the same way, over time, it’s natural for businesses to change too; to grow, change direction and develop. And in the same way that my uni wardrobe doesn’t reflect who I am anymore, sometimes your business simply outgrows your brand too.

Rebranding is a natural part of business growth.
It can be as simple as refining your colour palette, fonts, icons or photography style, or as in-depth as developing a new name, strapline or logo, vision, values and mission. Whatever form it takes, rebranding can have a huge impact on your business.


At Northumberland Design Co. we’ve recently gone through a period of change in our business and it got me thinking, how do you know for sure that rebranding is the right choice for you and your business? Here are the top 5 tell-tale signs we most often hear from our clients:


01. You aren’t attracting the right customers

Have you noticed past customers choosing your competitors?
Or maybe you are attracting lots of new customers but are they aren’t the best fit for your business?
Although there are lots of potential reasons to consider, this can be an indication that your brand isn’t connecting with the right audience. A rebrand can help you stand out to the right customers and position your business as the only solution for them.

02. You are embarrassed by your brand identity

Do you feel embarrassed to hand out your business card and cringe inside when you need to share your website address?
Hands down, this is the number one reason our clients say they want to rebrand. They no longer feel proud of the way their business looks. Often their home-made brand identity worked to get them moving through the start-up phase, but after their business has grown and developed, their brand identity brings more embarrassment than pride. Feeling embarrassed by your brand identity is not ok. How can you expect customers to be genuinely enthused by the way your business looks if you’re not? And let’s face it, when you pour yourself into building a business, you should feel proud of every single inch of it.

03. Your customers can’t find you

Most of us work in over-saturated marketplaces where it’s challenging to stand out. So, if your business name or brand identity is similar to another business, it becomes even trickier for your customers to differentiate you. Clients simply don’t have the time or energy to spend trying to find you.

A great brand identity acts like a magnet to your ideal customers, helping you stand out from your competition and encouraging customers to choose you time and time again. As humans, we are hard-wired to notice different.  At Northumberland Design Co we always encourage clients to celebrate what makes their businesses different. Why choose to blend in when you could shine?

04. You are struggling to raise your prices

Do people look at your brand identity and see the value in what you offer?
Maybe you’ve improved your services and products but are struggling to attract new audiences. 

A strong brand will show your worth, it will help elevate your business and reach new markets. So, if you are struggling to raise your prices or make an impact in new markets, it could be that your identity isn’t showing your worth.

05. Customers have a negative view of your business

This is a tricky one and often comes about in long-standing businesses that have been sold or gained a new team. Although a rebrand will not change all preconceptions overnight, it does make a powerful statement to the world of your intention to change and can help your audience understand your new values and mission.



What about you and your business?
Do you identify with any of the reasons above?
If you are considering a rebrand or refresh, please get in touch and arrange a free chat with us about how we can help. We’d love to help you achieve the change you want to see in your business.


Heather Maloney
Founder and Designer at Northumberland Design
Helping brands stand out and look incredible.


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