Top tips to help you find the perfect business name

You have the BEST idea for a new business or product, you’re raring to get it off the ground, and the only thing standing in your way is thinking of the perfect name!

Then comes the tumble weed moment…

Finding the perfect name can be a real challenge, so we’ve put together a guide to help you find one that will resonate with your dream clients and set your business up for success, right from the start.


01Make it about your customers

No matter what type of design or marketing you’re doing; we always recommend putting yourself in your clients shoes first.
Who are your dream clients? Try to think about how they will find your business. What will they look for in your name? What might help them choose you instead of your competition?

How do you want your dream client to react when they read your new name? What do you want your name to stand for – quality, peace of mind, the best price?


Keep it clear

Confusion is the enemy!
If your ideal client has to stop and think about your name and figure out what your business does, then you may lose them before you’ve even started. Try to keep it simple or include a word that tells them exactly what you do in an instant.

Avoid using words that can be written in different ways or text language like ‘4 instead of for’ and ‘b instead of be’. Initials and abbreviations may also pose a problem as they can be easily misheard. Obviously, there are always exceptions so please don’t be afraid to try things out.


03Think about the future

Ok, so this might sound a bit back-to-front when you’re only just starting your business, but now is most definitely the time to think about the future.  Is your business or product likely to change and evolve? Does your business name allow for this potential change?

We always try to avoid using any phrases or terms that might restrict business growth. Think very carefully before using a regional name. It works well in certain situations, but, in others why limit your business to a region or town when you have the possibility of national or international growth?


Top tipSay it out loud!

Your business name needs to be instantly understood whether written or said out loud. A good way to give your new name a whirl is to try answering the phone and say your new name out loud. Does it feel right, or does it leave you with your tongue in a twist?

04 Research and check

We always recommend that research starts with your dream clients. Ask them what they think, what they look for, and why they’d chose your business over another. They often give the most valuable insight that there is.

Researching your competition is next. Make sure no one else has had the same brilliant brain wave. Then, steer clear of any names or variations of names that are already being used!

Choosing a name that is totally unique makes it easy for your clients to find you and helps you to be remembered time and time again. A quick Google search can save you a lot of time and heart ache. If you are in the UK you can check Companies House for a list of registered business names.

Domain name

Next, always check that your domain name is free. A great business name is useless if you can’t get the website name to match. We always try or

Social media handles
Finally, make sure that your social media handle* is available on all platforms (even the ones you dont’ think you’ll need right away).

So that your clients can find you easily, it’s best practise to keep your ‘handle’ the same across all social media platforms. It’s also worth noting that some social media platforms have a limit to character length, for example Twitter currently only allow up to 15 characters, so keeping names short and sweet can have a real benefit!

*A social media handle is your public username used on social media accounts.


05 Have fun!

This is your chance to give your business a name that will be remembered forever more, so have fun! Enjoy the process, consider the most imaginative ideas, write them down and see where they take you.

We’d love to hear how you get on, so please connect with us at Northumberland Design and let us know.


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