Rent b4u Buy

Helping first time buyers get onto the property ladder

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Rent b4u Buy is a national initiative to help first time buyers onto the property ladder.


They needed a strong brand identity that would help them build trust in multiple marketplaces; with investors, sellers and buyers.


We developed a brand identity that helped them stand out with confidence and a strong brand voice to communicate the benefits of their product to each key market.

One of the main challenges was to capture the attention of the first time buyer who hadn’t considered the option of buying due to the cost involved. We developed a striking direct mail piece that was hung from doors of rented apartments and houses who were involved in the scheme.


The brand identity allowed Rentb4uBuy to reach new audiences with confidence and grow their business substantially.
The direct mail piece generated the best response that the company had ever had from any marketing piece.

“Northumberland Design built us a solid brand identity that helped us instantly build trust with investors, sellers and buyers.

And what can I say about the giant key mailer? It got the best response we’ve ever had from a marketing piece!”

Company director